EOCA Grant Application Deadline - Wednesday, 30th November, 2011.

The European Outdoor Association (EOCA) reminds all parties or organizations involved in conservation projects that the EOCA Grant Application deadline for the 2012 - 2013 round finishes Wednesday, the 30th of November, 2011, a process where up to 30,000 Euro can be allocated for approved...

Backstage with Jamaram

Backstage, Munich, Germany

On Saturday the 19th November gave us the chance to join and catch up with the group Jamaram backstage at Backstage in Munich as they went through sound checks, a dry run of the evenings set list and a shoot cut-aways as they prepared to shoot and produce the...

Raising Awareness for The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

The Breathe Foundation was never created to point fingers at anyone, we simply wanted to create greater awareness on a wide range of issues! 

We are a platform where same minded people can come together, presenting substantial & subsequent issues - in the hope and with the belief that we...

Breathe/Respira Brazil - Ä Filmer's View by Mone Monsberger

Ä Filmer's View - Bordered by the highly threatened Atlantic Rainforest, the coastal town of Itacaré in Bahia State, Brazil, hosted Breathe/Respira Brazil in May, 2010. An intensive 10-day program brought an eclectic international crew together to participate in various programs from construction...

The Atlantic Rainforest Institution completes Foundation Building in Itacaré ready for the New Year

Almost six months since the completion of the Breathe/Respira Brazil event, the final stages of the Atlantic Rainforest Institute (ARFI) Foundation Building in Itacare is nearing completion, ready for opening early in the New Year. Constructed using local and recycled materials, it's designed for...

Breathe Foundation has Completed Breathe/Respira Brazil

The Breathe Foundation is proud to announce the completion of Breathe/Respira Brazil event ran over the 15th to 25th of May in Itacare, a small town in the heart of the highly endangered Atlantic Rain Forest region of Bahia State.

Construction of the Crème Skate Bowl is complete, work on repairs of the Hospital were undertaken, construction of the Atlantic Rain Forest Institute foundation house in partnership with the Association For Conservation, are ongoing. The Breathe Seminar Sessions presented by Swatch including added to intensive 10 day program mixing music, art, sport, social, ecological and direct action projects.

VIDEO UPADATE - Check out the latest clips from Breathe/Respira Brazil

New Video!!!

Atlantic Rainforest Institute and Art Jungle

Swatch Team Cooking at the Community Centre

Creme Bowl Opening and Contest

Roots's Organic Farm

Jungle Trip with Katu
Creme Skate team arriving
Creme Bowl - Day One
Creme Skate Bowl Progress
Atlantic Rain Forest Institute
Bahia Surf Camp
School Painting
Welcome to Itacare
Capoaria - Tribo do Porto

And here you'll find last year's full documentary

Breathe Costa Rica - Full Documentary - Part 1
Breathe Costa Rica - Full Documentary - Part 2
Breathe Costa Rica - Full Documentary - Part 3

The Breathe Foundation is a non-profit Swiss Verein, registered to Forchstrasse 226, CH-8032 Zürich, Switzerland, focused on creating communication, charity and fund raising, events and documentaries aimed at creating greater awareness and support for social and ecological issues at a local and global level.

Breathe/Respira Brazil, Itacaré, 15th - 25th May. See Details Here


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Breathe Full Documetary Teaser

The work and sourcing final footage is over and the teaser for the full BREATHE DOCUMENTARY is online. The premiere of the full edition is DUE NOVEMBER. Special thanks to all involved in making it happen!